4 Story Free Gift Code Giveaway

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4 Story Free Gift Code Giveaway
MMO Game: 4 Story | Area: No Valid in Europe | Official Website: 4 Story


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Step 1. Follow us in Facebook: .

Step 2. Add you email in below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Go here and click on “Do you have keycode?” in the registration page

Step 4. Enter your keycode

Step 5. Receive verification message

Step 6. See your Verification code posted

Step 7. Receive your congratulations message

Step 8. Enter the game and click on your Premium Storage on the bottom side of your screen.

Step 9. Check your items. Move your cursor on the item to read tooltip.

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About this game:
In 4story there are enemy kingdoms in war. Choose which kingdom you would like to fight for. As one of their supporters you will fight in fantastic battles to secure peace throughout the country and to help reveal its legendary secrets. The fate of the country lies in your hands. Discover the world of 4Story and become part of this thrilling role playing game with a clever battle system and exciting missions. Travel through time, discover unknown territories and master different challenges.