4Story Newbie Package + New Costume Giveaway Redemption Guideline

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4Story Newbie Package + New Costume Giveaway Redemption Guideline
MMO Game: 4 Story | Area: Wolrdwide less Europe | Official Website: 4 Story


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1.Redeem event key.

2.Verify key and Register and Login 4story here

3.In the game, “ESC” key then click 'Storage’ to retrieve your newbie package. (For All).

4.Now simply enjoy 4Story.

- 1 race costume & 1 sunglass for 3 players who achieves 60 lv. within 30 days. (Random selection)

- The winner announcement will be made at 2010/11/29 (PST)

(Note : Participants who can be considered as cash point winner should be a guild member of any kind of guilds or a guild master.)

PR Massage:

To celebrate 4Story's release of new costume sets, 4Story Global Service team is giving away free gift codes for newbie package and chances to grab costume times for free.

Each code can be redeemed for newbie packages and additionally a race costume and sunglass will be awarded to 3 players who have been found to be big 4story dudes.

There is nothing more important in MMORPG world than reaching higher level faster and making your character look better than others. Grab this special chance with us.

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About this game:

4story is a 3D fantasy free to play mmorpg with cartoon graphics style. Three Kingdoms fighting to make history in the fascinating realm versus realm combat. Choose your hero and drive him or her to massive wars and endless quests to satisfy your objetives.