A new Realm to Conquer NEMESIS, Free Starter Pack & Prizes Worth Over

A new Realm to Conquer NEMESIS, Free Starter Pack & Prizes Worth Over
MMO Game: Heroes of Gaia | Area: WolrdWide less Europe | Official Website: Heroes of Gaia


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Item Amt Content New Player Package

Small Magical Scroll Package 1 Contains

5 Magma Flow Cards,

5 Avalanche Cards,

5 Desert Storm Cards

5 Sandstorm Cards

Book of Apprenticeship Experience 3 The Defending hero receives 10,000 experience instantly.

Technician's Equipment Box 1 Contains various Yellow or higher level equipment.

Power of the God of War(Small) 2 Adds 10 points to all abilities of the designated hero for 3 hours. Time period of the effect is stackable, but not the points.

Babel Tower Access Card 1 Allows player an additional visit to the Babel Tower. Players can use up to two per day.

Rename Hero Card 1 Allows you to rename your hero to whatever you like.

Rename Castle Card 1 Allows players to rename their Castle to whatever they like.

Hero Task Card 2 This card grants players 20 additional hero tasks. Up to 4 cards per day.

Fighting Madman Card 1 This card allows players two additional battles in the Arena.

Hero Card 5 Hero This card refreshed the list of Heroes in the Tavern immediately.

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About this game:
"Heroes of Gaia" is a free browser game set in a fantasy world at war. With stunning graphics and interesting gameplay.