APB Reloaded Free 10 Day Premium Key Giveaway

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APB Reloaded Free 10 Day Premium Key Giveaway
MMO Game: APB Reloaded | Area: International | Official Website: APB Reloaded


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ABP Reloaded giveaway Gamersfirst in colaboration with , FreeMMORPGlist.Com, MMOReviews.Com, F2P.Com, GratisMMORPG.De, MMORPG Gratis.Com , JuegaenRed.Com, MMOGratuit.Com, MMOGratis.Com and GiochiMMO.it giving away a free ten days premium key for APB Reloaded and also the opportunity to win an Alienware M14x Laptop, to get your key follow the instructions.

Step 1. Follow us in Facebook: .

Step 2. Add you email in below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Go to the and create and account and login.

Step 4. Go to the APB Reloaded Redeem page

Step 5. Enter your ESN Code and Pass code and click “Submit”, remember the code we give have these format “ESN Codes,PIN” separated by a comma

Your account now has 10-Day Premium, log into APB and battle for Justice or Anarchy! For more information about Alienware’s APB Reloaded Play2Win Contest, please click here The duration of contest is from 9/8/11 – 11/2/11.

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About this game:
APB is a free to play third person shooter MMO game. The game runs on fast, high-quality dedicated servers allowing you to enter cities and engage in a new style of game where your actions bring you into opposition with other players dynamically: there’s no waiting in lobbies. You can encounter thousands of other players over a short period of time. The dynamic matchmaking allows solo and group play in missions, against – or with – real people, never an AI. Imagine a living, breathing, city but for the first time ever it’s online, its streets full of vehicles and thousands of civilians going about their daily life.