ArcheAge Emberpan Panther Giveaway

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ArcheAge Emberpan Panther Giveaway
MMO Game: ArcheAge | Area: Worldwide | Official Website: ArcheAge


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Gameitems and Gamigo / Trion Worlds partnered to offer this giveaway for ArcheAge, with these nice items
Pack Includes:
The content is the Emberpan Panther:

With armour blessed by the Nuon Gods, and their embodiment of strength and majesty, Emberpaw Panthers are believed to be a fighter’s strongest ally in combat. It is said that the Gods themselves used to ride these creatures into battle and never suffered a single defeat.

This mount has the following skills:
Level 10: Run!
Level 20: Shred
Level 30: Swift Escape
Level 40: Camouflage
Level 50: Perfect Ambush.

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About this game:
ArcheAge is a free to play fantasy-themed sandbox MMORPG that features no class or skills restrictions. Crafting plays a key role and players are free to sail on their own ships or build and defend their own castles.