Argo Closed Beta Giveaway

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Argo Closed Beta Giveaway
MMO Game: Argo | Area: International | Official Website: Argo


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1. Register and apply here for free

3. Follow the instructions and maybe you will get one of the unique CBT keys

4. When you have received your key please enter unlock your account here Argo

5. To download the game follow the instructions

In colaboration with Alaplaya, we will be hosting an exclusive promotion for ARGO Online through the end of March. We offer an exclusive and mysterious item worth five euros (Which can be enjoyed on the release) to everyone who shows us their character. This promotion is worldwide except for Turkey, South America and Russia.

To earn your exclusive item the only thing you have to do is visit this thread in our forum and post your ARGO character name alongside a screenshot, showing us your character, and exposing your opinion of ARGO Online in;

Remember the steps to take:

- Visit this thread in our,, and

- Post your ARGO character name

- Attach a screenshot, showing us your ARGO's character

- Tell us what you think about ARGO Online.

First of all, you will need a Closed Beta account. Don't worry about it, because we are giving away Closed Beta keys as well. Redeem yours right here.

This promotion is worldwide except for Turkey, South America and Russia

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About this game:
ARGO Online is a world where two very different philosophies prevail: for one side, technology and its advancement are top priorities, while the opposing thinkers cry for mankind to forgot this advancement in exchange for a life provided by the Earth itself. Those who enter the war-torn Earth of the future will have to choose a faction that correlates with one of these ideals, either the tech-savvy Noblians or the nature-connected Floresslah. Though both factions are polar opposites of one another, their goals are the same: control the precious element Earthdium and ensure their way of life survives.