ASDA Story Chapter 3 Promotion Giveaway

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ASDA Story Chapter 3 Promotion Giveaway
MMO Game: Asda Story | Area: international | Official Website: Asda Story


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Chapter 3 Level Up Package Giveaway

Item Code:68763

Item Name:

Leveling up Package

30 Day Level Up Package - only gained through Lucky Box system (690 CC per Lucky Box) - equal to 1560 CC (4x 1 week versions)

1 Hour Experience Potion - 350 CC

3 Piled Experience Potions - 450 CC

6 20% HP Increase Potions - 540 CC

6 20% MP Increase Potions - 480 CC

The CC value is 3380 ($33.80 USD), but everything except the 30 day level up package can be used in one day.

The code:Take the code in


1) Sign up for Asda Story

2) Download the game and create your character.

3) Check your in-game inventory

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About this game:
Asda Story is ANIME & ACTION -FULL 3D MMORPG. Besides being a colorful, bright and cheerful world, the game has also its blazing furious side, featuring "PvP", "Clan Wars" and frightening dungeons. Game is heavily mission driven, keeping the player busy.