Aura Kingdom Tanuki Mount Key Giveaway Aura Kingdom Tanuki Mount

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Aura Kingdom Tanuki Mount Key Giveaway Aura Kingdom Tanuki Mount
MMO Game: Aura Kingdom | Area: English Servers | Official Website: Aura Kingdom


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Gameitems and Gamigo partnered to offer this Tanuji Mout giveaway for Aura Kingdom for the English servers for other language check
Free Item the Mischievous Tanuki for Aura Kingdom
Lively and mischievous, one can often see this cute Tanuki waving its fluffy tail as it tries to jump. When it gains enough height, it glides in the wind, leaving funny traces of itself across the sky. Its appearance is almost guaranteed to melt the heart of anyone who sees it.
Use: Right-click to ride the Tanuki, increase Move SPD, and use Glide.
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Aura Kingdom is a free to play 3d fantasy MMORPG game with stunning art, fluid battles, interactive companions and much more, for all the information about Aura Kingdom visit