Azune Lotus Giveaway Codes for Zentia

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Azune Lotus Giveaway Codes for Zentia
MMO Game: Zentia | Area: International | Official Website: Zentia


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2. Obtain a Gift Key Below and save it.

3. Log In in Zentia Zentia

4. Click the “Token Shop” button at the bottom right of the screen and when it loads click “Redeem Key” on the bottom left of the Token Shop screen.

4. Type in your Gift Key Code there.

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About this game:
Zentia is a free to play MMO game which features a humorous comic book style in 3D, unique characters, and a unique social leveling feature that requires the entire community to work together to open higher level game content. Highlights of the game include multi-player mounts (the largest mounts can enter combat with up to ten players on their backs) and extensive collectable pets (approximately 50% of all mobs in the game can be captured and trained).