Bright Shadow Kitten Pet Give-away

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Bright Shadow Kitten Pet Give-away
MMO Game: Bright Shadow | Area: Europe | Official Website: Bright Shadow


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• Raised level cap (from 69 to 99)
• 8 new classes (Paladin, Dark Knight, Pistolero, Sorcerer, Beast Lord, Oracle, Alchemist, Artisan)
• 2000+ new quests to complete
• Over 30 new challenging areas and dungeons to explore
• Over 400 new enemy types and monster cards to collect
• 40+ new towering bosses

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Once you have completed registration Bright Shadow account

Step 2. Go to the Bright Shadow site at Register and logged..

Step 3. After you have logged into the game press "P" to bring up the item mall menu.

Step 4. Click the "redeem" tab

Step 5. Enter you redeemable code

Step 6.Your prize will show up in the item mall storage.

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About this game:

For many centuries, the magical world of Luciena has been under threath by mysterious dark forces. These evil beings from the Umbra Realm are using ‘Soul Power’ to transform themselves into hideous monsters that seek ultimate domination. The Umbra’s power is fed by destruction, deceit, corruption and death.

The once pieceful community of Luciena have been rediscovering the magical properties of Soul Power to defend themselves against the Umbra and their powerful God-like PenUmbra masters. The Lucians united and diversified, developing tactics, technology and magic to stop the notrocities they have had to endure for so long.

The Lucians have had numerous successes against the forces of evil, but soon the Umbra retaliated with merciless force and it was clear that the war had just begun.


• More than 500 monster cards to collect
• Summon the ghosts of defeated monsters enlocked within the trading cards to battle foes
• Use special skills to transform into powerful creatures
• Unique cell-shaded visual design
• Intuitive combat system
• Extensive character customisation
• 20 classes to unlock
• Rich story
More than 60 randomely generated dungeons in the special ‘Seal Tower’ quests