ChronoBlade Closed Beta Giveaway

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ChronoBlade Closed Beta Giveaway
MMO Game: ChronoBlade | Area: International | Official Website: ChronoBlade


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About this game:
Featuring console-quality graphics and explosive skilled-based combat, ChronoBlade offers hyper accessible hack-and-slash brawler game play over browsers and mobile devices. Showcasing fully 3D-rendered characters that can execute dozens of brutal combo moves, players can customize their characters by creating a countless variety of attacks to suit multiple types of playing styles.
Set in a parallel reality to our own, a shadow is rising: from the Multiverse's edge, the mad army of the Cronarch Imperium has sparked a brutal war to conquer all realities. Players must raise their weapons and fight for more than their own dimension; the survival of all realities hangs by a thread. Battle through the many strange realms of the Multiverse, seek out the truth behind the Cronarch war, and unleash the power to save all worlds.