City of Steam: Arkadia Free Item Giveaway

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City of Steam: Arkadia Free Item Giveaway
MMO Game: City of Steam: Arkadia | Area: International | Official Website: City of Steam: Arkadia


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Mechanist Games, publisher of Continent of the City of Steam: Arkadia in collaboration with FreeMMORPGlist.Com, MMOReviews.Com, F2P.Com, GratisMMORPG.De, MMORPG Gratis.Com , JuegaenRed.Com, MMOGratuit.Com, MMOGratis.Com and offering this.

Items included in the pack:

5x Keys - To unlock chests in the dungeons;
20x Alloys - Alloys are consumed when smelting weapons;
50x Metals - This resource is required to upgrade equipment;
3x Level 1 Mod Box - This box contains a random level 1 Mod;
2x Lucky Scrolls - Lucky Scrolls can be used to spin great items on the Lucky Wheel;
15x Potent Health Quaff - It restores 5,000 Health over 10 seconds;
15x Potent Steam Quaff - It restores 100 Steam over 6 seconds;
1x 500 Bound Electrum Bundle - Use Bound Electrum to purchase or upgrade items, weapons, potions in-game.

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About this game:
City of Steam: Arkadia is a free to play fantasy MMORPG for Interent browsers in which players enter a world controlled by clockworks, steam power and arcane technologies. It features real-time action combat within a gothic steampunk universe.