Closed Beta Dance Groove

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Closed Beta Dance Groove
MMO Game: Dance Groove | Area: International | Official Website: Dance Groove


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Players that enter the Closed Beta with a special CBT2 Beta Key will receive an exclusive in-game gift!

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About this game:
The features of the Second Closed Beta include the opening of the Advanced Channel. In the advanced channel, players will have the option of playing in 6-key mode which adds 2 more arrow keys to the upper left and upper right or 2x 6 key mode, which doubles the speed. We will also be giving players a taste of the character customization options with the release of the Body Styling function. Players will now be able the size and dimensions of a multitude of body parts from height to arm or leg length and size. CBT2 will feature new items for player to wear and show off. Take advantage of 10 new items to show-off your style. Last but not least is the Photo Zone. Give yourself the ultimate photo shoot and express your character using different poses, backgrounds, and designs. All the tools you need to make yourself a star!

- Challenge your skills with 6 key and 2x 6 key mode in our new Advanced Channel
- Customize yourself with our new Body Styling options
- Be a star in the ultimate photo shoot at the Photo Zone
- Show off your style with new in game apparel and accessories