Closed Beta Giveaway Linkrealms

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Closed Beta Giveaway Linkrealms
MMO Game: Linkrealms | Area: International | Official Website: Linkrealms


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Step 2. Visit Linkrealms Here and click the "Account Create" link at the top left of the page. Enter your beta code exactly as it appears into the "Creation Code" field. Be sure to enter a valid email address as you will receive a link in an email to activate your account. Download and install the game client, login and enjoy!

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About this game:
Linkrealms is a Fantasy MMORPG currently in Closed Beta with no player classes (a 100% skill-based sandbox game). The game uses an isometric view, but with a fully 3D engine. The universe is made up of realms which can be claimed and customized by players using the included realm editor. The game features crafting skills, gardening, combat, magic, prospeting, pets, and non-instanced dungeons (some which are open-PvP). The game is free to play with an optional item store.