Closed-Beta key giveaway for Tales of Fantasy

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Closed-Beta key giveaway for Tales of Fantasy
MMO Game: Tales of Fantasy | Area: International | Official Website: Tales of Fantasy


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How to use the key

1. Go to and either login or register for a free new account.

2. Click and use the CD-Key you receive to activate your ToF account.


1. The Closed Bata Test will be released at 10:00pm EDT(GMT-4) on April 13th, 2010.

2. All characters created during Closed Beta test will be saved for future use.

3. Simply join in the Closed Beta to receive a free mount!

Client Download

Existing alpha test participants will need to download the closed beta patch here:

If you weren't an alpha participant, just download the current client and you're all set.

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About this game:
Tales of Fantasy is a massive 3D Fantasy game centered on inter-faction warfare with an immersive history and storyline. Game main features:
Mounted Combat System
With a diverse collection of mounts available, TOF features a meticulously designed mounted combat system. Players can attack while perched atop their favorite mounts.
Real-time Horse Racing Competition
For those racing fanatics out there, TOF has even incorporated a Horse Racing system. Players can use their mounts to race other contestants across a designated racecourse passing through various locations in the world of Elterra.