Closed Beta Keys Shaiya en Español

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Closed Beta Keys Shaiya en Español
MMO Game: Shaiya | Area: International- Spanish Language | Official Website: Shaiya


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Shaiya Spanish

Closed Beta Event

Beta Key Rules

1. Get your Beta Key here.

2. If you haven't openened an account at Aeria games, open one here:

3. Log In to your account here:

4. visit the Shaiya Spanish Beta Event page:

5. Enter your key in the field provided below, and follow the instructions found there.




1. Adquiere tu Clave de Beta aquí.

2. Si no te has registrado con Aeria Games, hazlo aquí:

3. Inicia sesión con tu cuenta de Aeria Games:

4. Visita la página web de Shaiya en Español:

5. Ingresa tu Clave de Beta en la parte inferior de la página, y sigue las instrucciones proveidas allí.

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About this game:
Shaiya, another successful MMO where you must slay terrible beasts, wield powerful weapons, but just try not to die, as in some modes of Shaiya, death is permanent.

Shaiya, un MMO donde debes derrotar terribles bestias llevando poderosas armas, pero cuidado con morir porque en algunos modos puede ser permanente.