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Closed Beta Loco
MMO Game: Loco - Land of Chaos Online | Area: International | Official Website: Loco - Land of Chaos Online


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About this game:
LOCO is a mix of three popular game genres. MMORPG, RTS and 3rd person shooter. Each character has lots of possibilities to get evolved like skilltrees, hundreds of weapons, armory and a lot of other items. The user earns EXP by killing hostiles, conquering strategically important positions or solving missions. Those can be invested into new abilities which should be adapted in response to the opponents’ actions.

Some mode and hero elements are quite similar to established elements from RTS games like DOTA (common Warcraft 3 mod). The user equips his heroes before each battle. During the matches respawn time he can switch his chars to optimize his tactics.

LOCO is a very fast game. No time to sleep. The user is continuously challenged. This requires a very good teamplay and knowledge of each hero’s possibilities. The 3rd person perspective brings the user deep into the action of the LOCO and reminds on TPS games like S4 League. But of course the first steps in LOCO are made very simple for new and non-hardcore users. The game becomes more and more challenging with the level of the user and his opponents.