Closed Beta Romadoria Giveaway

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Closed Beta Romadoria Giveaway
MMO Game: Romadoria | Area: Worldwide less Germany, France and Brazil | Official Website: Romadoria


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About this game:
Romadoria is a strategy browser game in the ancient Rome, where you will fight against other players in order build the biggest empire.

You begin as the leader of a small village where you have to offer housing for your population, and produce resources that will satisfy the needs of town. Build militar buildings in order to protect your people and conquer oder territories to increase your power.

Play in a totally new browser game where the only rule is that the strongest will survive.

First Steps

At the beginning, your main goal will be to produce enough resources to satisfy your basic need, build your Roman Forum at first where you will give all the orders in your town, after this, build Atriums, Insulas, or Villas in order to give houses to your population, and produce Denarius, the money of the game. At the same time is a must to have the Academy, where you will be able to do researches, that you will need in the future to unblock the militar units, that will defend your colony, and conquer other lands.