DarkEden Premium Card Free Giveaway

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DarkEden Premium Card Free Giveaway
MMO Game: DarkEden | Area: International | Official Website: DarkEden


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Item Name : Premium Card [ 7 Days]

Item Description: Receive 200% EXP and a daily premium item for 7 days!

Code expiration date: March 31, 2012

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Step 2. Add your email in the field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Please visit Dark Eden .

Step 4. Sign up for a free account and download the game.

Step 5. Create a character and log into the website to redeem the key.

Step 6. Click the “Redeem Key” button on the left hand side.

An exclusive item will be in your cart in game.

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About this game:
DarkEden is a throwback to the golden age of MMORPGs, featuring classic hack-and-slash action and isometric 2D visuals. Set in the fictional eastern European country of Eslania, players choose between three available races, including vicious Vampires, human Slayers and beastly Ousters, and battle for control of Eslania. Each race has distinctive gameplay mechanics and methods for character progression, such as the Vampire's need to drink blood to gain experience points.