DarkOrbit Free Starter Pack Giveaway

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DarkOrbit Free Starter Pack Giveaway
MMO Game: DarkOrbit | Area: International | Official Website: DarkOrbit


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DarkOrbit package
1 XP Booster
5 BK-100 Keys
5000 Uridium
1500 UCB-100 Laser Ammo
1 Month Premium
1 XP-Booster
5 BK-100-Keys
5.000 Uridium
1.500 x UCB-100 Laser-Munition
1 Monat Premium-Vorteile
1 potenciador de PE
5 llaves BK-100
5000 Uridium
1500 unid. de munición láser UCB-100
1 mes Premium
1 booster de PE
5 clés BK-100
5 000 Uridium
1 500 munitions laser UCB-100
1 mois d’avantages Premium
IT :
1 Potenziamento PE
5 Chiavi BK-100
5.000 Uridium
1.500 Munizioni laser UCB-100
1 Mese di vantaggi Premium

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Step 2. Add your email in the field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Register DarkOrbit and login to the game here.

Step 4. Click the bottom “Uridium”

Step 5. Click the bottom “Vouchers”, IT –“Buoni”, FR- “Bons” – DE – “Gutscheine” and ES – “Bonos”

Step 6. Introduce the code and enjoy the free pack items.

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About this game:
DarkOrbit, developed by Bigpoints Games for Windows.

It is one of the most popular free to play online multiplayer games from Bigpoint games. First originating in German (which was the official language at first) then in the later years moved to English and more languages.

DarkOrbit is a browser-based space shooter where players command a ship working for one of three major space piloting companies, exploring, mining, and conquering parts of many different galaxies. It features 10 different configurable ship types, real-time encounters with other players, and the opportunity to win prizes every month.