Deluxe Christmas Package Giveaway Dreamland Online

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Deluxe Christmas Package Giveaway Dreamland Online
MMO Game: Dreamland Online | Area: International | Official Website: Dreamland Online


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Deluxe Christmas Package Giveaway

Deluxe Package (Fantastic Card) description: The package is the largest and deluxe gift that Dreamland team has held to celebrate the coming Christmas festival. Please note that it is only for new registrations from 20th to 31st and one IP can get one key only. Those items cannot be traded.

Event dates: 20th -31st Dec.

Deluxe Package (Fantastic Card) contains:

1. Mount-Mini Dinosaur *1

2. 50% Crazy Exp Card *3

3. 2X Exp Potion(60 min)*5

4. Pet Exp Potion(60 min)*5

5. Flying boots*40

6. Goodies Store*1

7. Surper Healing Potion & Surper Mana Potion*5

8. Uncommon Hot Spring Ticket*2

9. Minor AP Potion*2

10. Pet Energy potion*2

11. Crushed Boost Gem*10

12. Polished Boost Gem*5

13. Flawless Boost Gem*5

14. Lucky Enhancement Gem*10

How to get your Fantastic Card:

Step1: create an IGG account and activate Dreamland Online

Step 2: click the page

Step 3: Login

Step 4: Enter your CD key.

Step 5: Download client and enter game to find the Fantastic card in your bag.

Rules and Regulations:

1. The "Fantastic Card" can only be used on the Mirage server.

2. In order to use the "Fantastic Card", you must already have a character in the Mirage server to receive the rewards.

3. Each IGG account can only be used to activate 1 "Fantastic Card". This activation process is not repeatable.

4. Activation of the "Fantastic Card" will take some time. Please wait patiently, or log in again to receive your gift.

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About this game:

(Dreamland Online ) is a beautifully made 3D side-scrolling MMORPG brought to you by IGG. Dreamland Online features attractive anime-style graphics in a world that you can easily immerse yourself in. With attractive anime-style graphics and an incredible line-up of stylishly cute and cartoonish characters, this game focuses on being fun for every audience. Introduce yourself to an incredible storyline filled with magic and adventure...