Dragon Born: Legacy of a Hero Giveaway

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Dragon Born: Legacy of a Hero Giveaway
MMO Game: Dragon Born | Area: International | Official Website: Dragon Born


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Get your exclusive “Legacy Gift Pack” containing the following great items:

- Distinguished VIP *1
- Proof of Exploring Dungeon *2
- Substitute Toy * 2
- Cross of Revival *2
- Purple Smelt Charm *5
- EXP Coupon * 1
- Althorn * 20
- Weak Health Infuser *5
- Week Mana Infuser *5

This latest version will hit our servers at 03:00 PST on July 12th.

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Step 2. Add your email in the field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Register and login to the game here.

Step 4. Find ‘Event’ icon above the screen, click it.

Step 5. Choose ‘Holiday’ tag, clicking on ‘New Version Gift Pack’.

Step 6. Click ‘Get Pack’, paste your code into the box and click “Done”.

Step 7. Click the hammer icon on the mini-map, open the Auction House interface and choose ‘Stash’ tag. Collect the gift pack, it will be sent directly to your bag.

Step 8. Click to use the pack in bag, the gifts will be released to you.

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About this game:
Dragon Born is a free-to-play browser-based action MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Farom. Explore the kingdom of Farom and begin your journey full of epic battles and intriguing storylines.

Stunning graphics and combat enhance gameplay experience

Engage in mounted combat with evolvable mounts

Customize character attribute with Bloodlines

Hundreds of class equipment to plow through

Dungeons you can explore in a party or solo

Daily events that dispel boredom

Join Legions for exclusive perks