Dragon Curdade Free Items Giveaway Gold Launch Package

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Dragon Curdade Free Items Giveaway Gold Launch Package
MMO Game: Dragon Cursade | Area: International | Official Website: Dragon Cursade


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5x Resource Pack
3x Medium EXP Potion
200x Gem Fragments
200x Scrolls

Resource packs will provide you with the ever-important materials needed to construct buildings and train troops.
Gain a level advantage over your opponents with the EXP potion.
Gem fragments can be exchanged for valuable items at the Capital.
Scrolls make sure your kingdom develops at the quickest possible pace.

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Step 3. Register and login in Dragon Cursade here.

Step 4. Click on your character icon in the top-left corner of the game to open the Account window.

Step 5. Click "Gift Pack" near the top-right of the Account window

Step 6. Enter your code in the box next to "Serial No." and click OK

Step 7. Click claim and proceed to Express Center (green icon, top-right corner) to claim the items.

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About this game:
Dragon Crusade delivers an abundance of depth, providing a high level of detail and amazing customization options. The title features six playable races, all with unique buildings, troops, and abilities, ensuring that no two battles will be the same. In addition to developing fledgling towns into imposing empires, players will also be challenged by vital quests, perilous instances, and large-scale warfare against other players.

Leading the hundreds of soldiers comprising a player’s army, superior hero units will be the keys to victory. Further adding to the game’s complexity, heroes are fully customizable with attribute skill points, giving players the flexibility to build the ultimate melee combatant, the most lethal mage, or anything in between. Mounts and pets are available to heroes as well, adding even more ways to boost hero attributes while also providing them with a companion.

Forming alliances in Dragon Crusade is also a crucial tool for survival in a hostile and continually evolving landscape. Alliances benefit their members with exclusive strategic buildings like forts, warehouses, and tech centers. Those who thirst for even more PvP competition can take their heroes to the gladiatorial arena and challenge other players’ heroes for glory and rich rewards!