Dragon Legion Free Giveaway RPG App Store Game

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Dragon Legion Free Giveaway RPG App Store Game
MMO Game: Dragon Legion | Area: International | Official Website: Dragon Legion


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This package includes the following items:
Rare Legacy Ticket x1
AP Potion [Bound] x3
Stamina Potion [Bound] x3
5,000 Gold

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Step 3. Download Dragon Legion and play through the tutorial.

Step 4. On the main page of the game scroll down to the banner that says "Enter Promo Codes Get Rewards!"

Step 5. Click this banner and enter in the Promotion Code.

Step 6. Codes are case sensitive.

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About this game:
Dragon Legion Free-to-play RPG Mobile Game, is a RPG Fantasy Game for APP Store.

Collect and summon the greatest army of mythical heroes and beasts!
Work together with friends to harness the powers of fierce dragons and unleash it upon those who oppose you.
Master the unique 3-class tactics system to gain the ULTIMATE advantage during intense, 40-player Guild vs. Guild card battles.


-Collect and evolve over 600 cards to build an unbeatable deck of legendary heroes and dragons.
-Create your own or join a guild to channel the power that comes from working together.
-Challenge players from across the globe in real-time, 40-player Guild vs. Guild card battles.
-Utilize a unique 3-class tactics system for the ultimate card battle experience.
-Embark on dangerous quests to strengthen your hero and uncover hidden treasures.
-Compete for exclusive prizes, rewards and bonuses in live community events.