Dragonica - Holiday Items Codes

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Dragonica - Holiday Items Codes
MMO Game: Dragonica | Area: USA and Canada | Official Website: Dragonica


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Dragonica Online Holiday Item Giveaway

Promotion Code Redemption Instructions:

1. Register or log in at http://www.mmostation.com/play-dragonica-mmo-game.html

2. Once in-game, head to town and visit Gatto [Event Organizer]

3. Enter your Dragonica Online Holiday Item promotion code

4. Check your inventory ("I" Key) for your prize.

Dragonica Online Holiday Giveaway Item Description

1x Santa’s Hat (+2% Critical Rate)

1x MP Eternity Potion

1x HP Eternity Potion

10x +30% EXP Boost Potions

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About this game:
Dragonica is a 3D action side-scrolling MMORPG with an arcade style fighting with an unique combo system.


They four basic classes are:

· Warrior; Warriors have spent years honing their strength and swordsmanship skills, turning them into exceptional fighters. Gifted with extraordinary offensive and defensive melee skills, they are the ideal vanguard of any battle group. As a Warrior progresses through Dragonica, they will be faced with the choice of becoming a skillful Knight or punishing Gladiator.

· Magician; Magicians grew up with an increased understanding of the world. After spending years in Magic Towers studying the laws and principles of magic, they emerge as trained sorcerers. Their powerful magical abilities more than compensate for their lack of strength. As Magicians progress, they have the choice of evolving into healing Monks or offensive Battlemages.

· Archer; Archers are the masters of the bow and arrow, one of the greatest weapons of all time. Their ranged attacks can prove deadly in long-range battles, but they can also hold their own at close quarters. As Archers progress, they have the choice to hone their skills with traditional weapons as a Pathfinder or to use explosive modern weapons as an Arbalist.

· Thief; Thieves are masters of stealth and shadow. They are close range fighters who use their agility and dodging abilities to attack their prey and retreat. Sneaky fighters, they are rumoured to have never fought a straight battle with their set of blades. As Thieves evolve, they have the choice to become an over-the-top Jester or an elusive Assassin.