Dragonica -Summer Break Items

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Dragonica -Summer Break Items
MMO Game: Dragonica | Area: Worldwide less Europe | Official Website: Dragonica


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School is out, Internet is running. And, thanks to Dragonica Online, we are giving away free in-game items with the Summer Break Giveaway. Add to your summer fun and get your item code today.

Take a look at the Summer Break Items:

10x Gotcha! Capsules - The gift that keeps on giving; a Rune Stone or other special surprises are inside.

1x Average Eternity HP Potion - This potion can used to heal a total of 100,000 HP.

1x Average Eternity MP Potion - This potion can used to heal a total of 100,000 MP.

5x 30% EXP Potion - Increase EXP gain by 30% for 10 minutes!

and Create a character in the game or login as one of your existing characters.

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About this game:

Dragonica is the free arcade-style 3D sidescrolling MMO. Players can choose from one of four starting classes and evolve them into over twenty distinct playable classes. It features ten player PvP, fifty player guild battles in Emporia Wars, a postal, trade, crafting and partying system and lots more. Planned features include a pet system and housing system.

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