Empire Universe 3 US Closed Beta Giveayay

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Empire Universe 3 US Closed Beta Giveayay
MMO Game: Empire Universe 3 | Area: USA | Official Website: Empire Universe 3


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Blackmoon Games together with Empire Universe 3 and FreeMMORPGlist.Com , MMOReviews.Com and F2P.Com offer the Closed Beta Key Giveaway for Empire Universe III for USA.

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Step 3. Once you've logged in you will be brought to a page to insert your beta key

Step 4. Submit your key and your ready to play EU3!

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About this game:
Empire Universe 3, developed by Nexidea and published for USA for Blackmoon Games
Your interstellar army awaits. Lead them to victory as you advance your career. The stars are in your hands! Become a wealthy interplanetary trader or build diplomatic alliances in your quest to rule the galaxy. Research new ship technologies and weapons while playing one of two unique game modes: battle alone or in empires with other players. Either choice will offer you endless gaming opportunities.