Eudemons Online Free Item Giveaway worth 50 dollars

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Eudemons Online Free Item Giveaway worth 50 dollars
MMO Game: Eudemons Online | Area: International | Official Website: Eudemons Online


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It is a good news that the Eudemons Online’s Players have a big raise, and to let our players have a good experience, we will release a new server – Gemini. To celebrate the new server release, TQ Digital and Ocigrup are teaming up to bring you a free game item gift pack worth $50! This gift pack will help to make your journey of adventure as easy as possible!
The Serial Number are limit, and First Come First Served.
Gift Pack Name: Home Pack
Gift pack contains:
2. Logs Scroll*10
3. Moon Blessing*2
4. Elite Gears*6
5. Talisman*3
6. White Roses[male] *99 or Garments[female]*1
7. Mount Eggs*3

P.S. The Talisman is unique, it is not for sale in the mall or any other places, you can only get it here.

Duration: Oct. 24 0:00:00 - Nov. 25 23:59:59 (PDT) (First Come First Serve)

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Step 2. Sign up and download the game for Event Page .

Step 3. Choose the Gemini server and login the game to create your character.

Step 4. Jump to our EVENT PAGE Event Page to submit your serial number and character information.

Step 5. Get back to your character on Gemini Server to grab your gift from the Prize Legate Lorraine (Cronus 214,607) or click on PATH FINDING , choose OTHERS then click “Prize Legate” to head you there.

The event is only held in Gemini server, please be attention.

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About this game:
Eudemons Online is a stunning Free-To-Play, Fantasy MMORPG, which combines a gorgeous western style with oriental aesthetic perspectives into a place of monsters and magic. Whether you choose to be a Warrior, a Mage, a Paladin, or a Vampire, there are over 100 distinctive Eudemons assist you along your epic adventure! Select and train them wisely to uncover the secrets of the land of Cronus!