Exclusive Giveaway OhMyDollz

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Exclusive Giveaway OhMyDollz
MMO Game: OhMyDollz | Area: International | Official Website: OhMyDollz


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How to Redeem your Coupon Code:

( The codes are valid for new registrations only )

Step 1. Follow us in Facebook: .

Step 2. Add you email in below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Create an account for your Free Dall (fill in your information and click to confirm your registration) Here

Step 3. Finish the tutorial. (it takes aprox. 5 minutes to learn how to play OhMyDollz)

Step 4. Click on your avatar which is in the top left corner, next look for "Promo Code Box" in the bottom left menu

Step 5.-Input Promo code, given to you. You will receive 1 FREE ROOM for expanding your House.

Note.- To see your room, go to "My loft", and select your new room for decorating.

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About this game:
Ohmydollz is the perfect mix between an online game and a community website. Create your own personalized doll: choose your skin color, your eyes, your hairstyle, your style and much more...As your doll progresses througout the game, she will have to pay close attention to her trendy look, go on shopping sprees, prove that she is the ultimate seductrice and live numerous adventures with the hope of becoming the game’s most popular doll around!