Exclusivity GameItems.com and Kingdom Heroes Item Giveaway

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Exclusivity GameItems.com and Kingdom Heroes Item Giveaway
MMO Game: Kingdom Heroes | Area: International | Official Website: Kingdom Heroes


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Event Name: GameItems.com and Kingdom Heroes Item Giveaway!

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Start at 20 th May 2011, avaiable 30 days.

Item Descriptions:

Troop Experience Talisman:

Experience gained by your troops from combat is doubled for one hour.

7-Day Morale Talisman:

Use to increase your troop loyalty one point every hour for 7 days (not including offline time). Troop loyalty points will not be reduced by attacks, but will still decrease due to soldier casualties.

Mandate of Heaven Pill:

Use to gain 1 talent point. This item can be used once every 10 levels. Resetting talent points will cause these talent points to permanently disappear.

14-Day Hefty Pack:

Used to unlock the backpack slots to allow for more inventory room. These backpack slots will last for 14-days.

Redemption Instruction

1. Follow us in Facebook: .

2. Create a new account Here

3. Download the client Here

4. Player must receive event key and visit kingdomheroes.aeriagames

5. Player must choose the correct server group they play on

6. Insert the event key in the appropriate field

7. Login to game and check Item Mall cart for items

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About this game:
Kingdom Heroes (KH) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the Three Kingdoms period of Ancient China. The title introduces a wide range of new and revolutionary features to the MMORPG genre.