Free Giveaway for Ministry of War 50 dolars value

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Free Giveaway for Ministry of War 50 dolars value
MMO Game: Ministry of War | Area: WolrdWide less Europe | Official Website: Ministry of War


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Welcome to Ministry of War. Use this gift pack to obtain the following items:
Trumpet Pack*1
Restoration Medal*1
Hero Turnstile Order Pack*2
Might of Mars Box*6
Small Exp Capsule (Full)*2.

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Step 3. Register here.

Step 4. 1. Go to login in here.

Step 5. Enter your code and click the OBTAIN button

Step 6. Under "More Games" select Ministry of War and click "Play Now"

Step 7. Check your in game mail to collect your reward!

If the redemption doesn't work or you don't get the gift in game, please contact our in-game 24/7 GMs for help.

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About this game:
Ministry of War (MoW) is a MMO browser-based, RTS, game, with unparalleled graphics and gameplay, where you will battle alongside thousands of other players in PvP and PvE warfare. MoW also includes a special Guild vs. Guild (GvG) battle system, where you can vanquish your rivals and become a Guild superpower.