Free Item Giveaway Event to celebrate MU:eX700 Plus!

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Free Item Giveaway Event to celebrate MU:eX700 Plus!
MMO Game: Mu Online - MU | Area: International | Official Website: Mu Online - MU


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To celebrate MU:eX700 Plus Update, we have teamed up with to give out $200 worth of free items! Just grasp a key and redeem the code! You will simply get those items through your INBOX once you enter the code!

Promotion Period

October 10 ~ October 24, 2012

Item Giveaway Includes: $200 worth of cash items!

Rage Fighter Card, Summoner Card, Master Skill Initialization, Magic Backpack, Vault Expansion Certificate, Seal of Wealth [15 Days], Master Seal of Wealth [15 Days], Seal of Healing [ 15 Days], Panda Pet [15 Days], Skeleton Pet [15 Days], Demon Pet [15 Days], Scroll Package [15 Days], AG Boost Aura [15 Days], SD Boost Aura [15 Days], Small wing (Disaster, Fairy, Heaven, Satan) [15 Days], Worn Horseshoe [15 Days], Figurine of Antelope [15 Days], Golden Oak Charm [15 Days]

To receive those items, you have to be either a returning player or a new player.
*‘Returning player’ is a term for those who hadn’t played MU Online since 09.05. 2012.
*‘New player’ is a term for those who start MU Online from 9.26. 2012.

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Step 2. Create your account of MU Online – MU:eX700 Plus Here and enter your Item Giveaway, and then click “confirm”

Step 3. Wait until your input beta key is verified, then go to the AC Main Page.

Step 4. Then, free items will be successfully given!. Enter the game and press X button on keyboard to check your INBOX!

Step: Share with your Friends:

About this game:
WEBZEN Inc., the Next Generation of Free-to-Play Online Games, will be unveiling the major MU:eX700 Plus update for MU Online..

On October 10th (GST), MU Online, the pioneer of 3D MMORPG, will be continuing its legacy with wide range of exciting new contents update of level cap increase, User Interface redesign, powerful unique items, and much more.