Free Items Giveaway Hellgate Global

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Free Items Giveaway Hellgate Global
MMO Game: Hellgate Global | Area: International | Official Website: Hellgate Global


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Item claiming dates – “February 13 – April 2”
The codes will unlock the following content for new Hellgate Global players:
Once a character is created, players will receive:

        1. 50pcs Health Candy
        2. 50pcs Mana Candy

Once players reach level 15, players will receive an Act 3 Entrance Ticket, unlocking the following in-game content and expansion material, which regularly costs $4 per player:

Act 3 - 5
The heroes, in their search for 'Virtues'--the key in man's struggle against the demonic invasion--travel throughout London. They'll travel to different stations including the famous Templar base in their effort to defeat Sydonai and his horde of demons.

A sanctuary never reached by the invasion, Stonehenge is now in danger. Heroes shall embark on a journey to defeat and recover the heads of four demons, ultimately leading them to an encounter with the powerful demon Moloch.
Heroes can also venture the Wild-a vast wilderness where demons gather. Heroes will face harder challenges as they press on deeper into the Wild in hopes of clearing it of the savage demons that reside within it. Unknown to them, a demon, simply called the Dessicator, resides within the Wild. Heroes will need to defeat the Dessicator if they really want to clear the Wild of demons.

2nd Invasion
Heroes will not just venture the sewers of London. Hell is not even enough to stop the demons. Heroes shall be given the chance to experience the past by travelling to the Closed Station, with an epic battle against the demon Astaroth.

In the center of the Parliament Square a portal to the residing locations of strong demons appeared. Heroes will be able to explore the catacombs to defeat the demon Occulis, or they can partake in the crusade to reach the abyss, where the fallen angel Berial awaits.

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About this game:
Hellgate is a fast action online game playable in either third person perspective or first person. Set in a post-apocalyptic future infested by demons, players have to fight back to take the control of the world.