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Giveaway Fractured Online
MMO Game: Fractured Online | Area: International | Official Website: Fractured Online


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Gameitems and Gamigo partnered to offer this FREE access Giveaway for Fractured Online, This key will give the players a 72 hours access to the game.

These keys will be redeemable from 2nd September 4pm CEST to 5th September 4pm CEST and will grant access to the Fractured Online beta for 72 hours after redemption.

Gamigo and Dynamight Studios are announcing the upcoming Steam Early Access launch for their first truly dynamic, isometric open-world MMORPG – Fractured Online – on September 15.
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Step 3. Sign up for FREE on Fractured , create the new account.

Step 4. After creating your account, click on “Redem a key” in the top menu bar

Step 5. Log into your account and enter the key! Then follow instructions to get started on your free play time.

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About this game:
FRactured Onlune is a dynamic, open-world sandobx MMORPG, where you define your onw destiny.

The unique knowledge and talent system allows skills to be discovered, learned and mastered quickly, providing new and core players with a unique experience right from the start. With action beginning from day one, enemies are defeated through skill and cleverness, as well as the weapons you craft with precious resources and recipes you discover.

No set paths mean limitless adventure. You decide whether you explore the vast, interactive fantasy worlds, fight monsters and other players in dynamic PvE and PvP battles, gather resources, craft and enchant unique items, setup a trade empire, or build your virtual home into a prosperous city by cooperating with other settlements or conquering them.