Gods & Heroes Closed Beta Giveaway

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Gods & Heroes Closed Beta Giveaway
MMO Game: Gods & Heroes | Area: International | Official Website: Gods & Heroes


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The Gods & Heroes team is excited to offer you the exclusive opportunity to get in the closed beta and participate in the development of the game.

This email contains one closed beta code and a link to download the client installer. If you want to get a closed beta code for a friend please ask them to sign up for one Here.

Go to Dowload Gods and Heros.

The installer decompresses the client to a folder you specify which may be deleted in order to uninstall it. The installer will create a shortcut on your desktop to launch the game.

After you have downloaded the installer, double click the file to open it, select a location to install the game, and press Install.

Account Creation
1) Install the game and double click the shortcut created on your desktop to launch the game.

2) Once you have reached the login screen of the launcher, click the “Create Account” button.

3) Enter all the requested information and create your account.

4) Follow this link and login w/ the credentials you selected.

5) An email will be sent to the address you signed up with - click on the link in that email to verify your address.

6) After you make your account you will be prompted to enter a beta code. Use the beta code provided below.

7) If you are asked to choose a payment method, select “Game Time Code.” On the following screen, press the cancel button. A payment method is not required for you to play.

Important Note: You may not be able to successfully complete character creation and log in to the game if you have not verified your email address.

Beta Code

Any problems at all, please contact support@godsandheroes.com

We really want your feedback on the development of the game. Feedback and bugs should be directed towards the Gods and Heroes forum and are greatly appreciated. Keep in mind there will be intermittent periods of down time as we reconfigure the servers. This is a closed beta, after all

Thanks and we’ll see you on the battlefields!

G&H Dev and Online OciGrup Team

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About this game:
Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising is a mature, full-scale, action-adventure, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that immerses the audience in Roman mythology. Players strap on gladiator armor, lay waste to monsters and command minions while seeking favor from the gods. Each player’s character is a Demigod, a child of both a god and a mortal, and is a celebrated Hero. These brave warriors combat an ancient enemy, the Telchine gods, who have returned to topple the empire and avenge their defeat at the hands of the Olympian gods.