GodsWar Online: Newbie Key Giveaway

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GodsWar Online: Newbie Key Giveaway
MMO Game: GodsWar Online | Area: International | Official Website: GodsWar Online


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To claim this code, follow these steps closely:

1. Obtain your key code and write down.

2. Register an IGG account and login in at GodsWar Online

3. Use the code to activate your account at Here

4. Create a GodsWar Online character on the account and enter the game to get rewards.

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About Activation Code
Each activation code includes Strong Exp Potion *5, Elixir of Talent II *5, Brave Loyal Dog Egg, Small Money Bag and Pirate Suit(7 days).

Stimulates the rapid growth of natural life. Increases Exp gained by 300% for 60 min.
An elixir to accelerate the growth of talent. Increases TP gained by 100% for 60 min.
Use it to get a Loyal Dog which initially masters the skill to increase damage absorption.
Open it to obtain 10,000 Silver.
It is said that this rough and boorish suit is symbolic of this rough and boorish lot.

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About this game:
GodsWar Online is a 3D MMORPG designed and produced by IGG. Based on ancient Greek mythology and culture, it includes engaging quests and cool features. Characters can battle against legendary creatures and players from rival factions in a world where gods still walk the earth.