Golden Age Free Pack Items Giveaway

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Golden Age Free Pack Items Giveaway
MMO Game: Golden Age | Area: international | Official Website: Golden Age


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1 Edan's Approval
1 Legend of Epic heroes
2 Pearl
5 Ad Construction Order
10 Gilded Note
10 Pioneer Bag
10 Horn
30 Reliable Construction Tome
20 Superior Construction Tome
5 Adavnaced Construction Book
20 Euclids Elements
15 Commerce Guild Contract
2 Agriculture Classics
2 Classics of timbering
2 Classics of Quarrying
2 Classics of Forgery
50 Lead Ore
50 Ruby
1 Antis Forrest Map
1 Golden Vip 7 days
2 Auspicious Card pack
1 matthews fury chest
1 advanced moving signet
20 Commision
1 Inlay Pack

How to redeem.

Step 1. Follow us in Facebook: .

Step 2. Add you email in below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Register your Golden Age Golden Age

Step 4. Log into the game, make character

Step 5. Click on the bottom right hand side, hotkey “MALL”

Step 6. Click button, “Coupon Code”

Step 7. Check your mail by clicking “MAIL” on the shortcut bar.

Step 8. Redeem your items and enjoy !!

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About this game:
Golden Age it's a Free2Play Browser-Based MMO Strategy Game from Aeria Games. Golden Age also features a host of expansive RPG elements, surprisingly in-depth strategy-based warfare, and dozens of instanced dungeons for players. When not fighting other players in the epic Battlefield or conquering pirate encampments for valuable treasures, players must lead armies through challenging instanced dungeons. Players must enter instances by conversing with a NPC in Sanctum City, Golden Age’s side-scrolling, RPG-style town.