GolfStar Closed Beta Giveaway

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GolfStar Closed Beta Giveaway
MMO Game: GolfStar | Area: Europe and North America | Official Website: GolfStar


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Instructions on How to Redeem Your Closed Beta Key of GolfStar

Step 1: Visit GolfStar and log in to your account (or create a new one if you donít already have an account).

Step 2: Go to the Key Redemption Page

and enter your key.

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About this game:
Developed by Com2uS and published in North America and Europe by Gamigo AG, Golfstar is a free to play golfing MMO game which has anime styled characters on a surrounding environment well rendered. It supports matches up to 30 players in a group, at 6 golf courses that present a different level of difficulty, with 5 game modes (Strike, Match, Betting, Tournament, Team Tournament). Its gameplay is rich in variety thanks to active skill and speed.