Heroes & Generals 3-day Veteran Membership giveaway

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Heroes & Generals 3-day Veteran Membership giveaway
MMO Game: Heroes & Generals | Area: International | Official Website: Heroes & Generals


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Reto-Moto and Square Enix, publisher of Heroes & Generals in collaboration with FreeMMORPGlist.Com, MMOReviews.Com, F2P.Com, GratisMMORPG.De, MMORPG Gratis.Com , JuegaenRed.Com, MMOGratuit.Com, MMOGratis.Com and GiochiMMO.it to offer 3-day Veteran Membership Giveaway for Heroes & Generals!!!.

Expiration date

This promotion will expire Monday the 7th of May 2014.
You will still get 3 days of membership though if you redeem it for instance 5 minutes before the promotion expires.

Promotion Description

The key includes a coupon to obtain a 3-day Veteran Membership, which gives you the following benefits for 72 hours:

+50% credits earned
+50% warfunds earned
+25% XP gain
+25% Ribbon XP gain
+ 1 extra combat badge slot

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Step 2. Complete the captcha, then add your email to the field above (beside the “Get Your Key” button) you can only sign up once for this giveaway. If is the first time you use our system please check your email to validate it and add again the same mail in the field adove.

Step 3. Create your account at Heroes & Generals and Log in, play or skip the tutorial and join a campaign.

Step 4. Click the Menu button (icon that looks like a cogwheel) in the top right corner.

Step 5. Click on the “Redeem Voucher” button and enter your promotional code

Play the game and have fun!

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About this game:
Heroes & Generals is a Free2Play Massive Online FPS with a Strategic Multiplayer Campaign, set in the midst of World War II Europe, where Axis and Allies fight for control.

The game uniquely merges epic first-person shooter action with a rich strategic layer, where your decisions have the power to turn the tide in an ongoing war among thousands of online players.

Players can choose to play as 'Heroes', fighting in the trenches, flying planes, commanding tanks and other vehicles on the battlefield, or take control of the war as 'Generals', determining the strategic direction and supporting fellow players by managing battlefield assets, army units and reinforcements.

Tear up the WWII frontlines, manage resources and engage thousands of online players in a persistent war campaign built for shooter and strategy fans.