Hunter Blade Free Items Giveaway for the Open Beta

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Hunter Blade Free Items Giveaway for the Open Beta
MMO Game: Hunter Blade | Area: International | Official Website: Hunter Blade


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These items are included in the key.

Lv5 1.Opera Mask(30 Days)*1
2.Life Elix-D*5
3.Silver Coins(Bound)*10

Lv10 1.Meteor Steady Cheetah(30 Days)*1

Lv35 1.HP Needle*300
2.Duck Swim(30 Days)*1
3.Casting Hammer*1

Lv55 1.Treasure Hammer*1

Lv65 1.Bruce Lee Set(30 Days)*1
2.Scythata Fruit*1

Lv70 1.Blade Wings(30 Days)*1

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Step 2. Create your account, or log-in to your existing one Here.

Step 3. Download the client after creating your account.

Step 4. After claiming the card with the code,talk with Bunny NPC in the game to get gift by entering the code.

Step 5. Each account can claim the gift for once.Gift pack of the next certain level will show in your backpack once you open it.

Step 6. All items in the gift pack can be used for only once.

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About this game:
Hunter Blade is a 3D action MMORPG developed by Beijing Joychina Network Technologies Co., Ltd and it is named for its unique system and gameplay. As a 3D MMORPG, Hunter Blade is not only noted for the brilliant screen and pictures, but also specialized in the fighting style and many game systems. All the elements lead you into an ancient world which is full of challenge and present movie-like images of the cruel hunting life of the primitive hunters.

There are 7 types of weapons, Chain Hammer, Staff, Crossbow, 2H Sabres, Claymore, 1H Sword, Glaive. Each one will makes players experience a totally different combat style and skills.

Other unique features, such as instance system, gathering system, mount system etc will shock you to the end.