Knights of the Sky Closed Beta Key Giveaway by Altus Online

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Knights of the Sky Closed Beta Key Giveaway by Altus Online
MMO Game: Knights of the Sky | Area: International | Official Website: Knights of the Sky


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Step 6. Visit . Knights of the Sky on January 13th to play the game.

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About this game:
Knights of the Sky, Altus Online presents its First Browser MMORPS.

Enter the fantastical world of Odyssya, where the Federation and Empire war for dominance. Beasts roam the wilderness, peasants tend to the farmlands, and Sky Castles rule the heavens!

Players take on the role of Lords, as Federal or Imperial figureheads. Then they expand their influence through:

An engaging PvE plotline, where they learn more about the Knights of the Sky politics and world.

An immersive PvP experience, with six soldier classes, unique Hero units, and the strategic Lord unit.

Territorial expansion, from "Leveling Up" the Sky Castle to seizing control of valuable resource points!
Knights of the Sky is easy to get started, yet difficult to master. Click-and-play through the comfort of your browser, and expand your Sky Castle's position in the Odyssya world!