Legends of Aethereus Closed Beta Giveaway - Three Gates AB

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Legends of Aethereus Closed Beta Giveaway - Three Gates AB
MMO Game: Legends of Aethereus | Area: International | Official Website: Legends of Aethereus


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Step 3. Go to Legends of Aethereus.

Step 4. Create an account, and follow the instructions.

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About this game:
Legends of Aethereus is a co-op multiplayer onliny action RPG which offers uniquely designed Combat Arena scenarios. Players can create their own scenarios, using beasts, traps and contraptions, and they can design as well new gear, weapons and inventions. Crafting system allows limitless customization. It's physics-based combat includes traps, set-up weapons and interaction with enveronmental objets.