Lords Online CB Key and Premium Gift Giveaway

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Lords Online CB Key and Premium Gift Giveaway
MMO Game: Lords Online | Area: International | Official Website: Lords Online


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1.Receive a CB key (above)

2.Register an IGG account if you do not already have one: http://www.mmozone.com/lords-online.html
3. Sign in your IGG account. http://www.mmozone.com/lords-online.html
4. Visit the Lords Online page: http://www.mmozone.com/lords-online.html
5. Click on "Activate the IGG account " button and enter the closed beta key.
6. Enter the game and enter the same activation code then you can draw your $50 premium gifts.

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About this game:
OciGrup and IGG are pleased to announce that they have joined forces to give away 500 Lords Online Closed Beta keys and $50 premium gift packs for the debut of the 2nd generation browser-based strategic war game "Lords Online". The closed beta will start at 8:00 PM EST on Jan 7th 2010. Get your key and the premium gift now!

$50 Premium gifts contain:
Big HP Potion * 10
Small Revival Card * 5
Rescource Card * 4
Super Lumber Card * 1
Super Stone Card * 1
Super Iron Card * 1
Super Food Card * 1
Large Surplus Card * 1
Gold Key * 3
Small Exp Card * 1
PS: Each key can be used only once.

Lords Online is the 2nd generation of free browser-based strategic war game that utilizes the classic combat rules set down in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. The story is set in the mystical land of Mu. On this continent, several races live amid a constant struggle for supremacy. With intricately designed heroes, military bases and camps, as well as sharp graphics and landscape imagery, you will feel as though you're there, giving the commands to engage in battle yourself!

Lords Online's primary features:
Full Controllable Combats ---You decide who lives and dies!
Creative Movable Maps --- Navigate your own way to success
Cultivate Heroes System ---Recruit legendary heroes to fight for your kingdom
Challenging Strategies ---Rich array of troops means more intense strategies
Strong Alliance System ---Ally with friends and fight against enemies together
Realistic Governing System ---It ain't as easy as it looks on CNN
Quality Graphics --- Best graphics in all browsers based Strategy games