Lucent Heart Closed Beta Giveaways

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Lucent Heart Closed Beta Giveaways
MMO Game: Lucent Heart | Area: Europe | Official Website: Lucent Heart


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Lucent Heart Beta Account Creation Guide
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Once you have completed registration Lucent Heart account

To create your Lucent Heart game account simply follow these easy steps:

The BETA will commence from 11:00 CET on the 15th of April and will end the 18th at 11:00 CET

1. Go to the Lucent Heart site at Lucent Heart and click on the Games link in the top banner.
2. Mouse over the Lucent Heart icon and click the “Download” link that appears.
3. Download the client and run the installation program. Follow the prompts to install the Lucent Heart launcher and the Lucent Heart client.
4. When the Lucent Heart installation completes, launcher should open automatically. If it doesn’t, you can run it folder in your start menu.
5. Lucent Heart will ask you to log in with an existing account, or register a new account. If you already have an account, simply enter your email and password and click Login. If you do not have an account yet, you can register a new Lucent Heart account by clicking on the “Register Now!” link and following the prompts through the simple registration process to create a new account.
6. Once you have registered your account and confirmed your email address, log in to Lucent Heart with your new account and then select the Lucent Heart icon that you will see. On the pop up window that appears, click on “Enter your beta key to add a game account” and enter your Lucent Heart beta key code in the box that opens.
7. You should see the panel below once you have entered your code. Click on the Lucent Heart link to view your new account.
8. Mouse over the account and you will see a green pencil icon appear to the right of the pre-generated random account name. You may click on this icon to rename your account, or simply click on the pre-generated account name to launch the game immediately.
9. Once you have launched the game once, you can quickly run the game again from the “Quick Start” button within the beanfun! Lite launcher (see below image), or from the same button on Lucent Heart

The BETA will commence from 11:00 CET on the 15th of April and will end the 18th at 11:00 CET

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About this game:
Lucent Heart, the award-winning online MMORPG adventure from leading publisher Gamania is to begin its quest in the UK and mainland Europe.

This free to play game has enjoyed enourmous success in Asia, winning multiple awards in Japan where it is considered one of the most authentic anime MMO’s currently in play.

Based in the beautiful land of Acadia, Lucent Heart tells the story of two sister deities; Theia, goddess of light, and Cadena, goddess of darkness, who for millenia have been bitter rivals over the control of the Lucent Heart; a source of energy which has the power to create and affect the fate of worlds. Following a fierce 400-year battle, Theia, utilising the power of the Lucent Heart, banished Cadena from the realm of Acadia and peace finally ensued. But, there are dark and sinister forces now at work and Acadia is again at risk. Who is prepared to stand up and fight for peace?

Lucent Heart distinctively combines its anime style with inspiration from the zodiac and greek mythology. When players develop their own characters, they don’t simply decide between a Warrior or Mage specialing in crafts or quests, the players’ entire adventure will be influenced by their zodiac star sign. Each day, Lucent Heart announces a horoscope prediction specific to every player, which foretells how their character’s abilities, such as their fortune in battle or love, will be affected. With the power of the zodiac influencing their quests, regardless how players approach the game, their destiny is not always in their own hands. The question is: will players be brave enough to enter this world and embrace the Lucent Heart?

Lucent Heart will be Gamania’s first game launch into the UK, and mainland Europe, and with it, their unique take on in-game social interaction reaches a new level. Like many online MMORPG’s, players travel the lands meeting new players. Some will become friends, some enemies, but Lucent Heart demands a little more than that. Invited by the love-god Cupid, players can be matched up by, amongst other things, compatible star signs. This match-making process brings together players from all backgrounds where lasting friendships, and sometimes love, can blossom. If love blooms even further, players can marry in-game with a full church wedding inviting all of their friends!