New Player Free Gift Pack event Ministry of War

New Player Free Gift Pack event Ministry of War
MMO Game: Ministry of War | Area: International | Official Website: Ministry of War


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2. All players who register for the game Ministry of War and join the new “Conquest” server from March 21st to March 28th will automatically receive a free in-game prize pack full of special items worth over $40.

Remember !
On Monday, March 21st at 2:00pm PDT, a new server called “Conquest” will be opened along with multiple in-game events, giving all players the chance to win valuable items and get an early lead on the new server.

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About this game:
Ministry of War is a free to play historical-based MMO which represents a major leap forward in browser-game design and technology. Players choose one of the world’s greatest Civilizations (Imperial Rome, Persia, Egypt, or China) and then build, battle, and trade their way to world domination. Players can also participate in the nightly Contested Zone (CZ) Wars for control of area on the World Map, battle in the PvP Arena, plunder other players’ Castles, fight World monsters and bosses, and rise through the ranks to become recognized as a superpower.