Pockie Ninja II Original Media Special Pack Free Giveaway

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Pockie Ninja II Original Media Special Pack Free Giveaway
MMO Game: Pockie Ninja II Original | Area: International | Official Website: Pockie Ninja II Original


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Activation Duration:
Aug. 6th, 2012 0:00:00 – Sep. 6th, 2012 23:59:59 ( UTC -5)

Pockie Ninja II Original Media Special Pack(worth over $200)
Use it to get:

Lv.1 Green Gem Bag*5 8-hour Amulet*3
Lv.1 Agate Bag*5 Konohagakure Boutique Double Card*3
Lv.1 Diamond Bag*5 Triple Card*1
30-day VIP*1 Craftsman Talisman*1
Lv.9 Refining Talisman*100 Soul-refining IX Talisman*10
Recast Talisman*100 Forging Material Bag-Copper*15
Little Bean*50 Giant Feather*15
Pet Skill Lock*30 Orange Liking Treasure Jar*200
Soulsplit Blade*10 Lv.9 Engrave Blade*3
Lava Necklace*150 Spiritstone Bag*30
Apprentice Slot Book*20 Trial Potion*3

*Each account can claim and redeem one code only.
*Sell/Trade Gift Codes may cause your game account suspended.

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About this game:
Building on the groundbreaking, multiple award winning work on Pockie Ninja, Pockie Ninja II Original improves all the elements that made the anime-inspired RPG one of the surprise hits of 2011.

Featuring lusher anime elements, more fabulous graphics and cooler in-game systems, Pockie Ninja II Original is set to wow anime fans and gamers alike when the game launches its open beta this July.