Pockie Ninja II Social OBT Boost Packs Growth Pack

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Pockie Ninja II Social OBT Boost Packs Growth Pack
MMO Game: Pockie Ninja II | Area: International | Official Website: Pockie Ninja II


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Activation Duration:
July 13th 2012 00:00—Aug.13th 2012 23:59 (UTC -5)

Gift Pack Contents:
Hokage Growth Pack (worth $10)
Use it to get:

1 Ninja Pack
1 Diploma
1 Big Star

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About this game:
Pockie Ninja II:Social is a browser-based, innovative tactic game. Based on the storyline of Naruto, the game combines village building and battling to create a brand new ninja world. Players can find 84 ninjas from Naruto, employ favorite ones to construct a fancy village, or send these ninjas to the battlefield and build a formidable ninja army.