Scarlet Blade Closed Beta hot free items giveaway

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Scarlet Blade Closed Beta hot free items giveaway
MMO Game: Scarlet Blade | Area: International | Official Website: Scarlet Blade


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Ferocious Fury
This package contains the following items:
EXP Boost x5
Pet EXP Boost (S) x10
Narak Relic x4
Cyberskin Backpack (30 day) x1

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Step 2. Register and Download Scarlet Blade HERE .

Step 3. Login to Scarlet Blade and create a character.

Step 4. Go to HERE .

Step 5. Enter your Gift Code in the box, then enter the name of your character.

Step 6. Press 'I' in game, click the AP tab, and open your "Buy List".

Step 7. Click "insert" or "take all" in the Buy List to move your items into your inventory.

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About this game:
Scarlet Blade is a free to play fantasy MMORPG which features a huge PvP system with 50vs50 and 80vs80 battlegrounds and gorgeous characters. All playable characters are voluptuosus, alluring and stunning females.