Soul Captor Open Beta Free items Giveaway

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Soul Captor Open Beta Free items Giveaway
MMO Game: Soul Captor | Area: International | Official Website: Soul Captor


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Description of the free items:

Red Apple: Feed it to your Anima to boost their power to let them carry on collecting souls
Karma Charm: Resurrect on the spot without any penalties
Burst Defender: If your attempt to refine an item over level 3+ fails, your item won’t be destroyed when you have this equipped

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Step 2. Go to the Soul Captor site at Register and logged.

Step 3. Go to the Soul Captor redeem page follow the instructions.

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About this game:
Soul Captor is a free to play online RPG game with an alluring Eastern setting. Embark on an epic adventure whilst accompanied by your 'Anima'