Steel Legions Closed Beta Giveways

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Steel Legions Closed Beta Giveways
MMO Game: Steel Legions | Area: International | Official Website: Steel Legions


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Steel Legions Closed Beta Giveaway!

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About this game:
Steel Legions is a free to play browser game. In an alternative past, Steel, steam and oil have become the definitive resource to drive the military forces of their time: heavy, giant steel colossus, piloted by half a dozen men and women. They are keeping the balance of power between the four biggest empires. But they are hungry for their fuel. And resources are rare. Experienced commanders of those four rival empires are sent to a yet unknown land to gain control over itís resources. Marauders are strolling through this territory, the enemyís frontier is near. It is a dangerous place. The crews of those gigantic combat vehicles have to find a balance between dominating their rivals and hunting for resources to feed their machines. Choose your side and join fast-paced, tactical missions against players of other factions. Or steal resources from marauders everywhere in the country, to improve, repair or individualize your steel colossus. The dynamic between action oriented Player-versus-Player mission and the long-term enhancement of your own steel colossus makes this game a fresh installment in the genre of multiplayer PvP games.